Transforming Dreams into Reality, Giving Back, Transform the Mindset of Society

For a multitude of reasons, which include socio-economic barriers, many talented youth are never able to realize their dreams.

Poseiden¹s passion is to create opportunities, which will transform dreams into reality. Poseiden does so by recognizing their talent, introducing them into the appropriate circuit, and helping them network with Poseiden contacts.

Skate and surf clinics, contests and tours are also organized by Poseiden to reach youth within their own communities. Though we are more extreme sports oriented we are now outreaching to other activites within the North County area such as: partenering up with envirnmental clubs to teach the youth about becoming aware of thier surrounding and how they too effect our eco-systems with everything they do.

If you feel you can help Poseiden out  with a program and want to give the youth an opportunity to expand their knowledge in something new,  please contact at us at info@poseiden.org.

-Skate Con Gusto.


To inspire the youth to dream and create life-changing experiences through the empowerment of love and support.

Mission Statement

The Poseiden Foundation, Inc directs the youth find their passion through different educational hands-on experiences, which build confidence and encourage them to progress with their education.

We currently work with the North County Unified School District where we teach students about alternative sports and environmental issues and we have also formed alliances with Northern California School Districts were we have create a West Coast Tour where Professional athletes donate their time to help students in inner-city schools understand the importance of education and following their passions.

With budget cuts within the educational system it has cause a greater disparity among the youth. Poseiden helps the youth find alternative positive avenues to further their educational experiences.

How you can help!

By making a generous donation you will be helping make each program Poseiden Foundation has designed  become a reality.

Skate Con Gusto.

Poseiden Foundation, Inc.



Micaela Ramirez, CEO/Founder: micaela@poseiden.org


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