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September 16, 2010

Canadians may get a few heckles here and there, but they mean business when it comes to their skateboarding. Vancouver is constantly on the map for having some of the best parks around, all while keeping their city looking fresh and clean.  Skaters of all shapes and sizes can appreciate the ebb and flow of Hastings Skatepark.  Its concrete canvas is ready and waiting for pros and novices alike.  Port Coquitlam Skatepark recently hosted the Vancouver Qualifier for the Etnies AM Getting Paid Contest on August 14th.   There are so many rideable spots in Vancouver, both in parks and on the street.  Besides all of this goodness, the city is also taking strides in reducing their carbon footprint.  They recently decided to aim for the production of carbon neutral building by 2020.  Vancouver is currently the leader in North America for the lowest amount of carbon emissions per capita for major cities.  Not only is the city making a point to provide amazing skate parks, but they’ve figured out a way for everyone to breathe a little easier.  Rori Ladhoff

Love&Guts/Eyes Wide Open

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Poseiden was able to attend the Love&Guts/Eye Wide Open Art Show held at the Camp, Costa Mesa.

It was a fun event where you got to met the artist personally and if you were interested in purchasing prints or art work there were pieces for a reasonable price. Artwork was from $20.00-$3,000up.

History About Love&Guts

In 2005, a group of legendary skaters including Lance Mountain, Pat Ngoho, Steve Caballero and Steve Olson got together to put on a skater-influenced art show aptly named Love & Guts. The exhibition made its debut at the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) Convention in San Diego, CA. In the years following, Love & Guts went on to become a traveling art show that made its way throughout Southern California and has since visited Portland and New York.

2009, Oakley came on board to help take the show to new heights and onto the international scene. Staying true to its skateboarding roots, the increasingly popular show began teaming up with successful skateboarding competitions in Australia and New Zealand, but it was in the beginning of 2010 that the show saw a bit of a transformation. A new theme entitled Eyes Wide Open was introduced to the show as a way to pay respects to skaters whose lives expired far too soon. When word got out about what was going on with Love & Guts’ newly introduced theme, skaters were very eager to participate.

Eyes Wide Open made its international debut at the Vans and Oakley Bowl-A-Rama both in Australia and New Zealand.  The artistic ingenuity on display was nothing short of breathtaking, as the perfect blend of fine art paintings, mixed media, photography and sculptures converged to form a beautifully crafted display throughout the gallery space.

This show was amazing, Thank You for the Inspiring Evening!